The Board

As an incorporated entity, the CCVT Board is the peak policy and governance body for CCVT with this major focus: “To oversee the spiritual health and direction of CCVT”. The Board consists of directors appointed by delegates at the CCVT Inc Annual General Meeting (AGM). A nominations committee identifies and discerns nominees.

Directors of the CCVT Board are committed to, and propelled by, mission. Well-grounded theologically, they are active participants within the Churches of Christ narrative, and part of the mission conversation rather than the ‘church’ conversation. Directors have the character, competency and commitment typically required of members of a skills-based board.

To contact the CCVT Board, email


Board Members are nominated by members of affiliated communities and then voted on at the AGM by affiliate delegates. This process is determined by the CCVT Inc Constitution.

Current Board Members

Bethany Holden

Brandon Howard

Tim Keating

Loris McLean

Aaron Mitchell

Milton Oliver

David Wells

Rick Wright

Paul Cameron (ex officio)

2017 Board Meetings

June 8

July 6

August 10

September 7

October 5

November 2

December 14