What is Supervision? 

Churches of Christ Vic/Tas (CCVT) is committed to doing better at building Communities of Hope and Compassion, and developing leaders to lead them. We know we will be doing better when each affiliated community is a safe place for everybody to grow in their discipleship of Jesus, and in their relationships with one another. The Supervision of People in Ministry in CCVT is a vital element in developing safe places. CCVT hopes to support those in ministry to meet with the increasing demands of their role and better support their diverse communities so that together they can be foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

Supervision is a joint endeavour in which a minister, with the help of a Supervisor, develops themselves in relation to their ministry and wider context, attends to the people they minister to and by developing their own practice feeds back into the knowledge and effectiveness of the wider CCVT Movement. To better understand the meaning behind the word Supervision, we delve deeper into each phrase below.

In Supervision, we will learn, we will be challenged, we will be supported and we will discover and face the risks of entering into the mystery of God’s call and where it leads us. Whatever the circumstance Supervision is to be one place where joy and pain can be freely expressed, but also a space of resurrection, redemption and healing.

Find a Supervisor

Supervision is a joint endeavour – it is vital to recognise that Supervision is not a passive activity for the Supervisee, it involves both parties working in partnership, together facing the challenges of ministry, in service of the Supervisee and the wider mission.

in which a minister develops themselves in relation to their ministry and wider context ­– a key element of Supervision is to allow a minister to reflect on practise, learn and be held and supported in that process.

attends to the people they minister to – ­Supervision always involves the community the Supervisee ministers in, otherwise it becomes an activity in counselling. Done well Supervision is a time where the Supervisee can stand back and reflect on their community and the people they minister to so as to understand and serve them better.

feeds back into the knowledge and effectiveness of the wider CCVT Movement – ­Supervision should be a source of organisational learning. It is important to note that Supervision is not a process where the more experienced shape the practise, behaviour and understanding of the novice, but rather a place where the Supervisor and Supervisee are standing side by side to together face the challenges of ministry. Supervision can be an effective tool to support an organisational culture which aims to constantly learn and develop.

Minister Challenge

The challenge for Ministers is to move beyond the desire to grow and learn into making a proactive commitment to Supervision. CCVT encourages the local Minister to put their hand up for Supervision and Supervision training.

Church & Agency Challenge

Elders and Boards need to support their Ministers and leaders around the question of Supervision. To approach it as a team and work together in engaging the process. Good Supervision is a process that takes time and support from the people directly involved but also those around them.

If you are keen to enter into the process of supervision as a Minister or as a Supervisor, please contact the Leadership team at or on 9488 8800.