Operations Team

The Operations Team is here to support the everyday running of your Community of Hope and Compassion and release your people to be the best they can be for the Kingdom, safe and supported.


Enabling Ministry and Mission

CCVT aims to provide helpful, practical support to all our Communities of Hope and Compassion to enable them to be the best that they can be in their neighbourhoods. The Operations Functional Area Team exists to provide support for the day-to-day running of an effective, resilient, neighbourhood-focused organisation of whatever size and shape that is a safe place for everyone.


CCVT has access to seasoned staff and experienced consultants who can guide communities through the potentially difficult processes of developing and sustaining property assets.


CCVT is committed to creating safe places for all people, including good practices in risk management, insurance, and accountability.


CCVT has prepared a number of key documents to assist communities in running effective and accountable organisations, including example documents that can be adapted to suit your needs.



Upcoming Events

Q4 | Faithful for a Lifetime

CMA's Q4Connection ministry will officially launch at conventions around Australia, including an event in Melbourne on February 27. The conventions feature local and international speakers, a range of plenary sessions, electives and panel discussions, and some great fellowship and networking.

Animate Summit

Each year we gather as a movement to connect across neighbourhoods and be encouraged in the work of the Kingdom. In May 2017 you are invited to be a part of Animate Summit.

Safe Church Awareness Workshop | Springvale

Be trained and equipped to ensure your Community of Hope and Compassion is a Safe Place for everyone. This training workshop is perfect for everyone in your community, from Team Leaders and Pastors, to Elders, to volunteer Leaders.