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The Manningham Club, Bulleen

CMA's Q4Connection ministry will officially launch at conventions around Australia, including an event in Melbourne on February 27. The conventions feature local and international speakers, a range of plenary sessions, electives and panel discussions, and some great fellowship and networking.

From Paul Cameron, CCVT EO:

"Every season of life is important. Every season is unique. Through life’s seasons we accumulate learning and life experiences that make us who we are. It is the same with life’s spiritual seasons.

"God uses all of this to prepare us for the contribution we can make in the latter years of life. Named as the ‘fourth quarter’ by CMA, it is a time when the wisdom Q4 people have gained can help shape the future, for Leaders and Communities, for ministers and churches, and for our neighbourhoods. Q4 people still have much to give in mission and ministry; and they can be excellent mentors, coaches and supervisors too.

"Can I recommend that you make use of this new Q4 connection with other like-minded and like-spirited followers of Jesus. You might be surprised by the outcome…"

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