Why we exist

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania is a movement of around 130 churches who, committed to the cause of Christ, want to effectively reach Victoria and Tasmania and beyond with the Good News of the Kingdom.

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania strives to be a network or system that serves congregations that have voluntarily united together in interdependence for mutual support and encouragement to do what most churches would find difficult to do alone. We strive for this in the context of the type of relationship of mutual belonging and unity. We seek to provide a sense of belonging to something bigger.

We exist to cultivate an environment where a diversity of healthy and growing churches can thrive; where imagination and experimentation are encouraged and honoured. In this way we can together participate in God’s dream for the world: congregations and systems that serve them, thriving as the sign, foretaste and witness of God’s kingdom in Jesus in the midst of continually changing environments. It is this Kingdom dream, our common mission, that unites us.

In coming together we celebrate that each church is called to reach their own community (or mission context) in their own unique way, but that there are ways we can assist one another to be more effective in this. There are resources we can share as well as mutual benefits and responsibilities we have as we commit to one another in partnership and mission. At the heart of this relationship is the recognition that we are all united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and are committed to key biblical beliefs and distinctives that reflect the Restoration movement[1] of which we are a part.

We believe that through faith we are positioned as members of the body of Christ. However there is more that God asks of us as we serve and follow Him. He asks us to be participating members in the work of the Kingdom. This brings both privileges and responsibilities.

The Affirmation of Affiliation (or ‘covenant’) between a church and Churches of Christ outlines what it means to be affiliated with Churches of Christ, and what it means to share a common mission to be the sign, foretaste and witness of God’s Kingdom in Victoria and Tasmania and beyond, and to invite people to become followers of Jesus.

Adapted from Affinity Discussion Paper, November 2010

[1] Sometimes called the Stone-Campbell Movement. For a snapshot of the movement’s history go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone-Campbell_Movement. For a range of historical documents go to http://www.mun.ca/rels/restmov/restmov.html

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