Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is here to assist all leaders of Communities of Hope and Compassion with support, advice, and training.


Mutual Ministry

A rich part of the deeper story of Churches of Christ is ‘mutual ministry’ or ‘the priesthood of all believers’. This means that everybody is gifted and important, including those with the gift of leadership who are called to “equip believers, releasing them to participate in ministry and mission on the basis of their giftedness and capacity.” CCVT greatly values all people who provide leadership as volunteers, faithfully contributing to the mission and ministries of their community over and above the ministry and mission performed in their workplace.


All People in Ministry are encouraged to be Lifelong Learners, participating in relevant professional development processes and formation for ministry.


All leaders (People in Ministry, paid and voluntary) are encouraged to be prepared and formed for leadership in Communities and beyond.


Elders, Board Members, or Council Members all perform a vital function in the lives of Communities of Hope and Compassion, equipping, releasing, and making decisions.

Youth Vision

Youth Vision is the youth and young adult arm of CCVT, engaged with equipping and encouraging youth ministries and leaders.



Upcoming Events

ACMN | Conflict Competent

Building capacity to support and guide others in times of conflict and tension with speaker Tim Dyer.

Christian Projects | Teamfest

This is a great opportunity for some of the best team training available in Australia. Guest speakers will be Linn and Lisa Winters of Cornerstone Church, Chandler, Arizona.

TEAR | Just Leadership Seminar: Development and Mission Masterclass

A one day, practically geared seminar designed to empower and motivate church leaders in Australia in developing and sustaining mission and development programs for the 21st Century.

Global Leadership Summit

This year GLS will engage more than 300,000 leaders across 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages. Here in Australia, up to 4000 leaders across more than 20 sites nationwide will inspire one another in vibrant leadership learning communities.