Policies prepared by CCVT are designed to create safe places for all people, including staff, Ministers, and participants in church and agency programs.

CCVT has also prepared a number of template policies that can be downloaded and adapted to suit the unique needs and contexts of affiliated Communities of Hope and Compassion.

For help and advice on how best to use the available policies, as well as support in areas of governance and compliance for your community, please contact the Operations Team at operations@churchesofchrist.org.au or on (03) 9488 8800.

Safe Places Project

To see more about the Safe Places project and any recent updates please click here.

Safe Places policies can be found here.

Other CCVT Policies

The Practice of Ministry, Code of Ethics policy covers all People in Ministry in CCVT affiliated churches and agencies.

The Code of Ethics that People in Ministry need to abide by:

Download The Practice of Ministry, Code of Ethics

The procedure for investigating possible breaches of this Code of Ethics:

Download The Practice of Ministry, Procedures

Last updated: July 2011

This policy explains the details and requirements of endorsement in CCVT.

Ministry Endorsement Policy

There are specific criteria that must be met in order for a Person in Ministry within Churches of Christ to have a marriage licence under our banner.

Marraige Celebrants Policy

Recommended Policies

All leaders working with children and youth (that is, persons under eighteen years of age) are required to have read and abide by the CCVT Duty of Care for Responsible Leadership of Children and Youth.

Download Duty of Care

Last updated: June 2012

CCVT's recommended terms and conditions of employment for People in Ministry. A resource for Ministers, Treasurers and others to ensure best practice employment practices.


Last updated: August 2012

General principles that we recommend all communities use as the basis of any employment practices that reflect our Christian values.


Last updated: April 2010

Example Policy Documents

A constitution governs most aspects of a community's structure, organisation, and lines of responsibility and accountability. Therefore it is important to craft a helpful and clear document that will support the work of your community.

Example constitutions are available as a starting point for discussion and development. Please contact the Communities Team for help and advice on setting up a constitution for your community.

Example Constitution—Frankston