Youth Vision Vic/Tas is the youth and young adult arm of Churches of Christ Vic/Tas. We’re here to provide resources, support, and programs to build up your local youth & young adult ministries, to help you make them the best that they can be in service of God and the care and support of your young people.

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To the Editor, a Response to ‘How The Other Half Lives’
17 Aug 2016

“Sexism is fundamentally a male problem,” wrote Mitch Salmon in his article in YVQ: MESSY as he urged men to take responsibility for their attitudes and actions toward women (YVQ12, July 2016). His statement stems from his frustration with those who deny the very real trauma going on constantly in homes around them. But if women are simply waiting for men to take responsibility for treating them with dignity, does this not leave us, as women, utterly powerless?

YVQ12 | How The Other Half Lives
16 Aug 2016

Elrond was in trouble. He had a bunch of thugs breathing down his neck, wishing him violent ill-will. Luckily for Elrond, I—his faithful and benevolent Game Master—sent help in the form of veteran Shadowrunner Abby Road pulling up in a stolen car.

Tabletop Role Playing Games like Shadowrun are board games taken to the next level. They require players to act out stories as their characters, such as Elrond, with dice deciding the outcomes of decisions, and a Game Master acting as all the characters who aren’t players...


Upcoming Events

27 Aug 2016

A single day connecting, networking, and resourcing event including morning tea and a guest speaker Angela Gent.

Illuminate Camp
19 Sep 2016

Be a part of the Greatest Story Ever Told on a camp like no other these September school holidays on Illuminate Camp! Now at a new venue in Kyneton, Vic.