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Illuminate Camp is an event with a unique vision of building Biblical literacy in young people though inviting them to place themselves in the Bible story, and developing young people with a firm grasp of how the Bible shapes their faith and lives today.

Illuminate uses purpose-written narratives adapted from the ancient texts to highlight the drama, excitement, and adventure of scripture; the Bible is not sometimes called the 'greatest story ever told' for no reason. This Bible study methodology, known as 'storying', blends a number of key elements to bring the Bible stories to life.


Illuminate's daily narratives are re-written from the ground up to re-establish the Bible as a book of drama, suspense, rich characters, and enduring appeal as well as being a book full of timeless instruction for living. Great care is taken to retain the integrity of the original texts while drawing out the elements that make a story stick in the listener's mind. Each morning on Illuminate, the day's narrative is read to the whole camp, drawing on the ancient storying traditions of communal storytelling.


Campers on Illuminate are divided into small groups to discuss the day's narrative. Small group discussions explore campers' emotional and rational responses to the day's story, the history and content of scripture, and how the day's story shapes individuals' lives today. Discussions are guided but not defined by a leader, and campers are encouraged to ask the hard questions of the stories.


Illuminate uses reflective and prayerful Experience spaces to enhance the narrative of the day's story and invite campers to actively participate in key story moments and themes through interactive stations and prayer activities.


Camp wouldn't be camp without fun. Illuminate Camp is packed full of activities and games to establish and encourage community and connection between young people from different churches. Many campers make friendships across churches that last, creating a network of young people across the Kingdom of God in Victoria.

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Illuminate's Gospel narrative material, God With Us, is available as a free twelve-part resource for churches and youth groups. This resource includes examples of what makes Illuminate's storying methodology unique.

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Illuminate Testimonials

Illuminate explores the story of an intricate and profound world designed by the unfathomable love of the Creator. Our young people are guided and encouraged to explore their place in it, with the freedom to question, grapple and marvel in the midst of it all. It will TOTALLY impact the way you see God, yourself and the world.

Illuminate not only opened our young peoples’ eyes to the story behind the words in the Bible, but invited them to be a part of God’s Story.  Each of them came away with new insights into Scripture, as well as new ideas on how they could approach their own interaction with God and his Word.
Illuminate benefits youth leaders as well as youth. Apart from the benefit of growing closer to God through personal Bible study, we also took away some ideas for how we can spend time in Scripture as a group. Our people have come away from Illuminate with an increased desire to hear God speaking into our lives, and spurred us on to share his Word and his Truth, and to engage others in his Story.

I have gone to Illuminate for four years, and I manage to come away with a different perspective each time. The camp has been instrumental in helping me build a beautiful and supportive group of friends and has allowed me to meet people I would now call my family. The program offers a range of amazing experiences that has impacted me immensely in how I view God, not as a far away dude in the sky, but instead an awesome best mate that is always by my side!

It has encouraged me to take a different approach with my relationship with God, and has enabled me to really trust him at a time that was extremely difficult for me. I'm so thankful for the chance to go to Illuminate and I would massively encourage anyone who was thinking of signing up to definitely do it; it's an epic week!

For me, Illuminate would have to be the best camp that I’ve been on, for a variety of reasons. I went on camp for about 5 straight years, coming with my friends from Doncaster Church of Christ, but camp creates such a community everyone feels like they’re part of one big church every day. Illuminate has helped me make lifelong friends from other churches that I see all the time now, that if I hadn’t of decided to go I wouldn’t really know at all today. Worship every day with incredible music and amazing stories made me realise that there are so many other passionate young Christians out there just like me. Through games, worship, meals, basketball and small groups, the people I met inspired me to be more active in my faith and now, soon to become a youth group leader at my church. So please, get along to Illuminate, it’s the best decision you’ll make.