Sponsor Illuminate

Illuminate Camp has been a life-changing experience for many youth and young people in Victoria, inviting young people to grow in their relationship with our living God through Bible study and personal encounters with the Holy Spirit, and shaping how young people approach living out the narratives of their faith.

Illuminate is always supported by generous subsidies from CCVT and related funds that has allowed us to keep camp costs to a minimum, but we are aware that many families still struggle to easily find the money for camps and have to make a choice between camps like Illuminate and similar school activities.

For this reason we would like to invite you to consider making a donation to Illuminate Camp, partnering with funding from CCVT to support young people and families in attending this life-changing camp.

How To Donate

  1. Head to pushpay.com/pay/churchesofchrist
  2. Select 'Donation' as your giving type from the drop-down list on the page.
  3. Enter 'Illuminate' in the reference field.
  4. Enter your donation amount and follow the instructions on the website to securely make a donation.

Please note that donations to Illuminate Camp are not tax-deductable.

What Your Donation Does

Your donation will be used to grow and support Illuminate Camp in ways that best support the needs of individuals and families who are seeking to attend camp. But here is an idea of the kinds of things your donation can provide.

$20: Activities resources for a camper

Illuminate Camp is known for its high energy fun and games, through which young people build strong relationships with one another that can become enduring friendships and support networks across churches. A donation of $20 covers all the resources needed by our Program team to involve a camper.

$50: All meals covered for a camper

Like in all communities, meals are a big part of the experience for campers. Everyone eats together and friendships grow over sharing food together. A donation of $50 covers all meals for the week for a camper.

$100: Partially covered camp costs for a camper

A donation of $100 can partner with CCVT subsidies to significantly reduce the financial strain on families struggling to cover the costs of camp. 

$200: Fully covered camp costs for a leader

Most leaders on Illuminate camp are young adults balancing work comittments, study comittments, and camp preparation. They also make a financial contribution to camp to help cover their own accomodation and meal costs. CCVT provides subsidies to support these volunteers, many of whom will give up work hours to lead on camp, and a donation of $200 can completely cover a leader's costs.

$285: Fully covered camp costs for a camper

A generous donation of $285 can partner with CCVT subsidies to completely cover camp costs for a camper, allowing a young person to join in with the vibrant and welcoming camp community and encounter the story of God in new ways, all without financial stress for their family.

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