Resolution in response to Domestic Violence

CCVT, at its Annual General Meeting on May 16, 2015, affirmed the following:

Violence against women is the leading cause of death, disability and illness in Australian Women aged 15-44. It is a broad societal problem that is never acceptable and cannot be justified on any grounds. One aspect of this problem is domestic and family violence, which predominantly affects women and children; between 1999 and 2010 almost 95% of perpetrators of family violence against women were male.

As people committed constitutionally to the Shared Value of Justice, we value the dignity, equality, and inherent worth of all persons regardless of gender, race, economic standing, or belief system (Genesis 1:27). Therefore, in announcing the Kingdom and expectant of its arrival, we work for social justice, equal opportunity for all persons, and the responsible care and management of the environment (From the CCVT Statement of Purpose).

Acknowledging the measures the Federal, State, and Local Governments have taken to respond to domestic violence so far, we urge them to go further in their provision of funding and resources to address the causes and outcomes.

We commit ourselves as Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania to be churches that advocate for and live out Christ’s message that men and women are created equal in God’s image (Genesis 1:27; Galatians 3:28), and will consequently work to change attitudes that contribute to the demeaning of and violence against women.

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