Chelsea CareWorks

Chelsea Community Church of Christ has existed in the area for almost 100 years. Alongside our regular services, we offer a number of free services. 

These include every Wednesday:
Big 3 course Breakfast - 7-10am;
Food pantry - 7-12noon;
Wash and Dry Laundry – 7-9.30am.  

The Chelsea community and surrounds consist of those experiencing financial and food insecurity, as well as homelessness.  

A long established Men’s Shed continues to operate on site as an Incorporated entity. 

We are also able to rent out our site to other tenants which assist with our financial sustainability.These include:
Yoga; Calisthenics; Line Dancing; AA; Music with Mummies and Fronditha Social Activities for Older Greek Persons. 

Although our Church is relatively small in number, it has a big heart towards accepting and assisting those who are struggling, many of whom have slipped through the cracks by local and State Government agencies and other services. 

Building trust and forming relationships are crucial to our site and over the past 5 years we have welcomed 10 new members to our Church services who have come to the site through our various free programs and are exploring Christianity as a means of finding hope and faith.  Our small gathering has grown from 23 to 38 with majority of persons still seeking to belong while searching for God. We have performed 4 baptisms also. 

Our aim is to reveal Christ to people within the community by providing respect, dignity and acceptance to all who enter our site. 


Rev. Judi Turnham

3-5 Blantyre Avenue CHELSEA, VIC 3196
Mail to: P.O. Box 357 CHELSEA, VIC 3196

Office Phone: 03 9773 0301
Mobile: 0423 375 714

Office Email: