Chelsea Community Church of Christ 

Prison Network 

Beit HaMashiach and Tikkun Olam

Williamstown Church of Christ

Richmond Vietnamese Church of Christ

David Ratten: Promoting Strategic Grants

David Ratten and Jo Antoni - What's CareWorks?

Foothills Community Care

Cross Culture Church: COVID-19 Response by Church captured by media
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Creative Community Award for Resilience: Winner: Fresh Theatre
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Through applied theatre, where the intended outcome of a project it not just theatrical or for entertainment's sake. We aim to provoke thought, instigate conversation, challenge ideas, and incite change for the betterment of our society.

St Kilda Gatehouse 

St Kilda Gatehouse is no longer a CareWorks Partner but a valued affiliate. We work in mutual collaboration. 

TLC (Truth Liberation Concern)