A cluster is a gathering of Ministers and leaders of affiliated communities within a particular geographical area or region participating in a conversation with the common goal of Building Communities of Hope and Compassion. In clusters we are discovering ways to articulate vision, build strategy, develop leadership, birth new communities, and add to the vitality and effectiveness of existing communities. The purpose of all of this is to be Good News in a region, into a neighbourhood.

Communities affiliated with CCVT enjoy the privilege of independently discovering their unique mission and ministry within their neighbourhood, and the privilege of then allowing this to enrich all affiliated communities. This encourages an interdependence that fosters health and growth in all affiliates.

To join in with the nearest Cluster, contact the Communities Team.

Clusters Are Local

Whether shaped by neighbouring suburbs or regional links, the core conviction is that we are “better together”.
Clusters Are Represented By Church/Agency Ministry Leaders. We have learned that greater energy is experienced when key leaders are embraced and included.

Clusters Articulate Vision

One of the core questions for exploration is “what has God been up to in our region, and how are we partnering with God?” It is the vision question.

Clusters Build Strategy

The dream of ministry and mission happens when we set plans in place and experiment in living into God’s future. Clusters provide the space for living into the future and being accountable together.

Clusters Develop Leadership

It can be helpful to hear in the context of relationship what other communities are doing to develop leadership. Clusters help provide a learning posture in this vital area of community life.

Clusters Birth New Communities

By walking together the opportunity to sense where God might be calling forth a new work, partnership or community may emerge. Clusters can provide a safe and supportive environment for the new.

Clusters Help Build Vitality

Life naturally has ebbs and flows so does the common life of a faith community. Clusters are a strong place from where truth can be told of the ebbs and flows and with that the shared journey to fellow journeyers.

Clusters Are Good News

As Communities of Hope and Compassion we are intended to be communities of Good News. This is at the heart of working together as clusters within CCVT.