Ministry Placement

Transition is a time of opportunity. This is particularly true in the life of a community when a key leader (who may be a minister) is leaving. The range of responses can be from uncertainty to celebration, ambivalence and excitement, grief to anticipation. It is a time when the church can reflect on its own identity, and so revise and refocus for the future. The reality of leadership transitions can give rise to these responses and everything in between.

It is during this transition time that the Ministry Placement Taskforce (MPT) helps communities to embrace this season of discernment. As a thumbnail sketch, MPT works as a part of the Communities Team to help you continue to cultivate a healthy church culture, to review and re-vision before recruiting a new leader, creating a representative Search Team, and ensuring effective appointment and employment processes.

Those looking for new places to minister can also apply for information and support from the Ministry Placement Taskforce to help them indentify and connect to communities with ministry opportunites.

Contact the Communities Team to start the conversation.