There are various resources available to the Churches and Agencies of CCVT that address specific challenges and opportunities. You can contact the Communities Team for further information of resources and processes that can assist your particular context.

Victorian child Safe Mandatory Standards

In January 2017, new legal ‘child safe’ standards come into effect for all community organisations, including churches, governing their work with children and young people.  Leaders and Boards are responsible to ensure their organisations comply with these new standards. Below are two resources which may assist your organisation meet these standards. 

Moores Legal Child Protection Toolkit

This toolkits has a fantastic overview of the standards and includes a sample policy and code of coduct. 

Victorian Government Standards Overview

This document has detailed explainations of each standard and give examples of how organisations could meet the standards. It also has a helpful assessment matrix, in which you can assess where your organisation sits in meeting the standards and where it may fall short. The overview is linked at the bottom of the victorian governments web page above.

Interim Or Intentional Interim Ministers

When in the process of a ministry transition, it can be helpful to consider the appointment of an interim, or an Intentional Interim Minister. This can be especially helpful after a long-term ministry, or in the event of a sudden or unexpected conclusion to a ministry placement.

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This is a multi-faceted gift and challenge for the church. As Communities of Hope and Compassion we are given an opportunity to assess how we will engage our ever-changing world, not out of fear and suspicion but out of optimism and hope. Transition involves living with gain and loss while experiencing a range of complex emotions. It is in this adjustment that we can begin to invest in the future.

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Recovery And Restoration

There are times when Churches and Agencies experience trauma as a result of heightened conflict, ministry misconduct, governance breakdown or unforeseen pastoral circumstances. It is in these times that an external facilitator and support can provide helpful insights for the journey.

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