Hope Discovery Family Centre

Our centre provides programs and services that support families in our local community to thrive and raise children with hope for the future. We aim to be a centre that delivers wrap-around services, supporting families to access supports, building networks with other organisations to meet need.

We actively seek to attract and promote quality learning opportunities that up-skill professionals and parents with a focus on neurodevelopmental disorders. Included in this is Australia’s first ever conference on neurodevelopmental disorders, ACND2019. Our centre was the host organisation and our Generation Minister the organising committee chair. The conference was an overwhelming success and will be repeated with a new event in 2021.

Project Expansion:

There is a steadily growing body of evidence from around the world of the critical importance of the early years, particularly within a nurturing family unit. The need to radically change the delivery of services to children and families is widely acknowledged. Currently, government run Child and Family Centres focus on birth to 5 years and are located in low-socio economic regions. Supporting children and families through to 16 years, particularly when a child is on a negative trajectory due to learning and/or behavioural difficulties, would provide a continuity of care and improved outcomes. The need for this type of service stretches beyond socio-economic boundaries. Families raising children with neurological disorders experience high levels of disadvantage, stress and family breakdown. The co-location of a dedicated assessment clinic within our existing centre would be ideal.

Possible range of providers/services:

  • Play Therapist
  • Clinical child psychologist - assessments & treatment
  • Occupational therapist - assessment and treatment
  • Speech Therapist - assessment & treatment
  • Physiotherapist - assessment & treatment
  • Child health nurse - birth to 2 year checks
  • Anti-natal classes / breastfeeding support
  • Special Education teacher - learning programs in small groups
  • Family Coaches - parent education resources, coaching, seminars and courses

We desire to extend our services to include an allied health practice that specialises in the assessment and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

This will require the re-design of our current children’s centre including meeting room space that is adjacent to the facility. These meeting rooms will need to be relocated to newly developed spaces as part of the project. 


50 Glen Dhu St, South Launceston, Tasmania, 7250

T: 03 6344 8450
E: hope.discovery@door-of-hope.org
W: www.door-of-hope.org