Risdon Vale Bike Collective

Our vision and mission is to create a better future for young people in Risdon Vale through being a place to grow in character and skills for life.

We achieve this through developing skills, confidence, resilience, healthy character traits and attitudes, by encouraging and developing community and increasing opportunities for recreation, all amongst young people in Risdon Vale. 

This is all done through the medium of restoring, selling, maintaining and riding bicycles as well as developing local infrastructure for riding. 

Run by Together Church in Hobart, The Bike Collective is committed to long-term change in Risdon Vale. Unlike many programs that come and go, we have worked in and around Risdon Vale for over 15 years impacting the people, place and pride of that community.

  • People – we have worked with over 300 young people, travelling with them throughout the majority of their adolescence, often from primary school through to adulthood, impacting individuals, their families and their community for the better.
  • Places – we have transformed the physical environment in Risdon Vale, developing mountain bike trails, a bike skills park and workshop which are all safe places for social interaction.
  • Pride – the Bike Collective has impacted the stories told about Risdon Vale. We see growing community pride in our young people as positive stories are told in newspapers, TV, radio, online news, magazine articles, and as the program is recognised locally and nationally.


26 Sugarloaf Rd, Risdon Vale, TAS, 7016

Mail to: PO Box 4632 Bathurst St, Hobart, TAS, 7000

T: 0444 515 008
E: info@rvbikecollective.com
W: www.rvbikecollective.com