Planting & Development

People interested in church planting often ask the same thing: ‘Where do I even begin?’ Planting a new church or missional expression is such a broad area that there aren’t always set guidelines that meet every leader’s situation. The Communities Team would love to assist you in discerning and implementing the vision God is forming in you into a real, practical, God-honouring endeavour.

Are you considering planting a church? Not sure what to do next or where to begin? Use the following questions as a guide to think through some possible next steps and how the Communities Team might be able to help out.
  • How has God been leading you regarding church planting so far? Who do we need to gather together to listen to God’s voice?
  • What sort of missional expressions could we establish, or what community group should we go and serve?
  • Where might we sow or plant? Is there an identifiable geographical location to connect with or be amongst?
  • Who is God raising up as possible leaders?
  • Who are the others who are called to be on the team? What communication needs to take place in order to raise a team?
  • How soon could we start testing the water?
  • When can we meet with someone from CCVT to pray and plan further?

We Can Help You Get Started!

The CCVT Communities Team is here to help your planting vision and we would love to assist you in any way we can. Some practical ways we could serve you might be:

  • To facilitate meetings with your key leaders to pray and dream about doors God might be opening
  • Helping interview, evaluate and prepare possible leaders
  • To provide training and resources for leaders and team members
  • Help you explore your key questions further
  • Connect you with others to partner with
  • Facilitate coaching and ongoing support
  • Provide guidance around organisational and structural matters for the new church

New Church Development

Church planting can be a long process with unique and often challenging phases along the way. The CCVT Communities Team would love to provide support along your whole planting journey, long after you take the first steps toward establishing a new community.

Please contact us at any point of the church planting journey you are on.  Whether you are beginning to ask questions about church planting, or if you are well along the way, the CCVT Communities Team would love to serve you.
Contact the Communities Team at or on 9488 8800.