Child Safe Standards

From 1 July 2022, there are now 11 Victorian Child Safe Standards. These Standards are a set of mandatory requirements to protect children and young people from harm and abuse.

The Standards enable organisations to tailor their approach based on their type of organisation, level of responsibly for children, and type of activities involving children.

The best source of training, resources, and guidance on the Child Safe Standards is the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) website:

If you’re just getting started, download the Short guide to the Child Safe Standards. This guide provides an overview of the key concepts and requirements to assist organisations to comply with the new Standards, including information on what the Commission will look for when assessing compliance.

If your organisation is familiar with the current Standards or you are looking for more detailed information, you can access A guide for creating a Child Safe Organisation. This guide has detailed information and advice on how to comply with each Standard.

The Commission also has a range of tools and templates to help organisations develop key policies, practices, and procedures. These are available in the resources section of the CCYP website.

For information on the CCVT Child Safety Policy and other policies for Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania please see our Policies page.