Child Safe Standards

The Victorian Child Safe Standards are a direct result of the ‘Betrayal of Trust’ Victorian State Government Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse in Religious and Non-Government Organisations, held in 2012-13.

As a result of the Inquiry, the State Government have introduced a number of new pieces of legislation which have bipartisan support among all political parties in Victoria.

These standards are an excellent development in our community. The standards are intentionally designed to increase the safety of children in all organisations, religious or otherwise.

The supporting resources can be used by all organisations regardless of location and size.

At the heart of the standards is the desire of our community to say “never again” to the abuse of children within organisations. For churches and Christian organisations, the Child Safe Standards provide further impetus to achieve best practice in protecting children now from harm and from the lifelong effects of child abuse. The standards are a great thing for children in Victoria and for the Christian Church.

For more information or assistance in implementing the Child Safe Standards, have a look at the following tools:

Commission for Children & Young People (CCYP) at

Child Safe Standards Portal—aportal for faith communities was developed by the partnering of the Victorian Council of Churches (VCC), and the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) Safe Church Program and the Commission for Children & Young People (CCYP). Their website provides resources, guides, information sheets and training for churches as they work through the Standards at

CCVT Child Safety Policies for Vic and Tas are available on our website here.

Self-Assessment Tool to help you work out what you already have in place and where the gaps are. This tool can be downloaded in a printable .pdf format or interactive Excel format. Download it here.

If your church has no specific program for children, please see the CCVT FAQs.