CCVT's umbrella policy is the Safe Places Policy. All other safety policy documents sit underneath the Safe Places Policy.

In situations relating to ministry with persons under 18 years of age that are not covered by currently released policies, the 2012 Duty of Care for Responsible Leadership of Children and Youth Policy of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania may be helpful guidance.


This is the umbrella policy under which all CCVT safety policies and resources sit. It applies to every individual, congregation, and organisation affiliated with CCVT and forms a minimum standard of safety. Communities are encouraged to formulate their own policies that build on this base to reflect the needs of their context.

Safe Places Policy


Your organisation's commitment to safety can be affirmed using wording from the following document.

Safe Places Statements of Commitment

All leaders working with children and youth (that is, persons under eighteen years of age) are required to have read and abide by the CCVT Duty of Care for Responsible Leadership of Children and Youth.

This document has been superceded by the CCVT Safe Places Policy and CCVT Child Safety Policy, but still applies in areas not yet covered by the Safe Places Policy or Child Safety Policy.

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Last updated: June 2012

You can download a checklist to help your Community of Hope and Compassion implement and maintain privacy practices, and keep your people safe. This document is not a policy, it is an internal tool for helping you maintain your practices in accordance with your privacy policies and Australian law.

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