CCVT exists to support Churches of Christ Vic/Tas communities and leaders. If you have a question, concern, or request for support, please contact us and we will put you in contact with people who can help.

Contact Details:

T: (03) 9488 8800
F: (03) 9481 8543

Our offices are located at:

1st Floor, 582 Heidelberg Rd

Leadership Team

The CCVT Leadership Functional Area team exists to support Ministers, elders, and other leaders in local communities. This Team specialises in training and resourcing the people who lead churches and agencies.


Communities Team

The CCVT Communities Functional Area team exists to support your entire community in its neighbourhood mission. This Team specialises in community and organisational health, neighbourhood engagement and resources, and the planting of new Communities of Hope and Compassion.


Operations Team

The CCVT Operations Functional Area team exists to support the practical running of your community, including finance, property, and risk management. The Team specialises in providing advice and support in these key organisational areas.


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