Supervision Training 2018

1st Floor, 582 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Vic, 3078

In 2017 CCVT started the journey of creating a pool of trained Supervisors. We used a number of avenues to establish this network.

Firstly, CCVT recognised that many in our movement have already completed some form of training in the area of Supervision. A group of people in this position were invited to a morning tea with Paul Cameron and myself for the purpose of sharing our story, ‘Why Supervision’, and our plans to roll out this network of trained Supervisors.

The second avenue of engaging with potential Supervisors was to encourage people to enrol in the Supervision unit at Stirling Theological College.

Third, CCVT launched Supervision training with Dr. Rick Lewis.

This is an ongoing process. CCVT believe we are ‘better together’, adding to the culture of health and an attitude towards lifelong learning.

If you missed out on training in 2017 you are invited to consider being a part of the 2018 Supervision training days. Training will take place over three days across 2018. Attendance at all three days is required to be recognised as a Supervisor.
Workshop 1, Tuesday 27 February, 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Workshop 2, Tuesday 24 April, 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Workshop 3, Tuesday 26 June, 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Training will take place at the CCVT Offices, 1st Floor, 582 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Vic, 3078.
Cost for this training is $200, which includes the 3 sessions and the book Mentoring Matters by Rick Lewis for required reading.

For more information about Supervision, download and read the Better Together introductory document. This document highlights our methods and the reason behind Supervision.

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