Royal Commission into Family Violence Report

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Royal Commission into Family Violence has made its finding available to the public in an extensive series of documents, including recommendations of programs and improvements to be made to existing systems. Of particular note to Communities of Hope and Compassion is vol V, section 29 of the Report, titled 'Faith Communities'. 

Recommendations 163, 164, and 165 are relevant to faith communities and refer to processes and resources that can and will be developed and/or improved for use in faith communities.

CCVT encourages all affiliated communities to continue to explore ways in which our Communities of Hope and Compassion can promote gender equality, safe families, and offer protection and support to victims of family violence.

The findings of the Royal Commission can be accessed below in their entirety.

View the RCFV Report and Recommendations

The Victorian government has today announced a significant funding package to address the issues of family violence in response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. 

The Victorian government addresses 65 of the Royal Commission's most urgent recommendations. Victoria Police will also receive funding to expand the resources available to combat family violence. Government services will also receive an overhaul to increase safeguarding of vulnerable people.

Read more: Victorian State Government Media Release

View the Domestic Violence Toolkit produced by CCVT for further resources and tools

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