April 2018

Foothills Coffee

Mitchell Salmon  |  30/04/2018 12:37:26 PM

Our friends and CareWorks Partner Foothills Community Care have launched their own Fairtrade and organic certified Foothills Blend Coffee label. This blend is available for order online for individuals and church cafes.


Vale Bruce Kemp

Mitchell Salmon  |  26/04/2018 10:44:57 AM

As part of the CCVT family of churches we acknowledge with sadness the unexpected death late last week of Bruce Kemp, aged 54.


SGN | You're Invited to the Small Groups With Purpose Conference

Mitchell Salmon  |  23/04/2018 12:11:52 PM

I’m excited to spend time with you when we bring the Small Groups with Purpose Conference to Melbourne and Sydney in June. I look back over my 30+ years in small group ministry and realise that if I had been exposed to this kind of training earlier, the ministry work I have been involved in could have had even greater impact.


CCVT Board Special Announcement: Appointment of Dr Robert Nyhuis

Mitchell Salmon  |  23/04/2018 11:53:05 AM

The CCVT Board announced some weeks ago that it had appointed a new Executive Officer. The name of the new appointee needed to be kept confidential until now, as they needed to inform their people and current employer of their decision and give adequate notice.


CCVT Inc Annual Report 2018, Stories and Statistics from 2017

Mitchell Salmon  |  20/04/2018 10:00:00 AM

The latest Annual Report for Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania Inc is now available for download ahead of the CCVT Inc AGM on May 19, 2018.


Veta Youth | Internship Positions

Mitchell Salmon  |  12/04/2018 2:45:24 PM

Two part-time traineeship positions are currently available with Veta Youth.


Salvation Stories in Ararat

Mitchell Salmon  |  9/04/2018 10:35:12 AM

As Ararat church, we are really excited about what God is doing in our midst. The last sixteen months have seen the Lord blessing our work, and twelve people have given their lives to Christ.


New CCFS App launched to support church giving

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2018 11:53:08 AM

The way our congregation members give is rapidly changing and many churches are unprepared for the new digital economy. That’s why the new CCFS app is an essential giving option for churches and their congregations.


SGN | How the Small Group Network has Helped our Small Group Ministry

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2018 11:03:42 AM

I've been looking after our 'Grow Groups' for three years now but always felt my meetings with the leaders were ineffective. 30 or so leaders would attend and one of them would ask me a question about their particular group. So, then I'd be addressing an issue that one of the groups had while 19 other group leaders and assistants were listening to something that was not relevant to them.


GMP | Shaping Expectations

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2018 10:44:01 AM

Walking to church shapes our expectations. It creates a space for preparation and reflection about what we will experience. In a busy world, walking is a change of pace, an opportunity to prepare for what we anticipate. 


GMP | Walk for Hope—Thank You!

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2018 10:42:07 AM

The GMP Easter campaign, Walk for Hope, was held on Good Friday! Thank you for your involvement and support – raising funds and walking to church! 


In Regards to Permit Application for CCVT Centre...

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2018 10:37:42 AM

CCVT is reviewing its investment in the Churches of Christ Centre at 582 Heidelberg Road, Fairfield. Part of this process has involved submitting a permit application for development to Yarra Council which has recently been reported in the media. 


Churches of Christ Oral History Project

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2018 10:32:16 AM

A great interview can move, teach, and inspire. Churches of Christ in Australia invite you to capture stories of our people.


Stirling | Welcome Caroline Young as Registrar

Mitchell Salmon  |  3/04/2018 1:05:39 PM

Stirling Theological College is very happy to inform you that the Stirling College Board has appointed Caroline Young as Registrar, following John Williamson’s decision to step away from the role as of 31st March this year.