August 2016

From Catatonic To Catalytic

Mitchell Salmon  |  25/08/2016 12:10:04 PM

The word catatonic is defined as "immobile or unresponsive stupor". While we might describe the physical state of the paralytic man in that way, Luke’s gospel account of Jesus’ dramatic healing draws more attention to the ‘catatonic’ nature of the Pharisee’s spiritual state.


ASN | Stories of Refuge

Mitchell Salmon  |  22/08/2016 10:40:49 AM

During Refugee Week in June the CCVT Asylum Seeker Network held a “Stories of Refuge” dinner at Now and Not Yet Café in Warrandyte. This was a wonderful evening of sharing delicious food cooked by Tamil Feasts, engaging in conversation together as well as hearing from those who have sought refuge here in Australia.


To the Editor, a Response to ‘How The Other Half Lives’

Mitchell Salmon  |  17/08/2016 3:00:00 PM

“Sexism is fundamentally a male problem,” wrote Mitch Salmon in his article in YVQ: MESSY as he urged men to take responsibility for their attitudes and actions toward women (YVQ12, July 2016). His statement stems from his frustration with those who deny the very real trauma going on constantly in homes around them. But if women are simply waiting for men to take responsibility for treating them with dignity, does this not leave us, as women, utterly powerless?


YVQ12 | How The Other Half Lives

Mitchell Salmon  |  16/08/2016 12:20:31 PM

Elrond was in trouble. He had a bunch of thugs breathing down his neck, wishing him violent ill-will. Luckily for Elrond, I—his faithful and benevolent Game Master—sent help in the form of veteran Shadowrunner Abby Road pulling up in a stolen car.

Tabletop Role Playing Games like Shadowrun are board games taken to the next level. They require players to act out stories as their characters, such as Elrond, with dice deciding the outcomes of decisions, and a Game Master acting as all the characters who aren’t players...


GMP | Our Distinctive Identity

Mitchell Salmon  |  15/08/2016 9:47:03 AM

A person with expertise in ‘brand identity’ recently asked me what is distinctive about GMP and our work.  The question was asked so that GMP could further understand our identity, and define what distinguishes us from the many other ministries who seek support.  I gave several answers to this question: “We are Churches of Christ and have diverse projects in Australia and overseas…” and so I went on. She listened, and at the end commented that one thing in particular stood out. I had said that: “we know our partners personally”.


YVQ12 | The Good Aboriginal

Mitchell Salmon  |  12/08/2016 11:00:00 AM

I couldn’t count the amount of times people have told me that I am one of the ‘good Aboriginals’, someone that broke the typical stereotype of how an Aboriginal person is portrayed. I became a ‘good Aboriginal’ in their mind purely because I didn’t drink or take any drugs, I lived in a good home, and I was a committed worker not relying on ‘the dole’.

This is a very raw way to start an article but this is a real, re-occurring experience for me in my journey of understanding my Aboriginality—which is something that someone who is Aboriginal can struggle to understand. I have come across many contrasting ideals and perspectives about what an Aboriginal is or who we are supposed to be according to social media and statistics.


Banking Operations Job Opening

Mitchell Salmon  |  9/08/2016 9:49:32 AM

CCFS is different to a bank or credit union in that it is a religious, charitable, not for profit organisation. We are small but growing and as a result, the position of Banking Operations Supervisor has been created.


Accountant Job Opening

Mitchell Salmon  |  9/08/2016 9:43:21 AM

If you are a dynamic forward thinker with the ability to lead a small team in the Operations area of the Churches of Christ Vic/Tas Inc, managing the day to day operations of the Accounting team, then this could be the role for you!


ChildSafe Information Sessions

Mitchell Salmon  |  8/08/2016 11:11:48 AM

In January 2017, new legal ‘child safe’ standards come into effect for all community organisations, including churches, governing their work with children and young people.  Leaders and Boards are responsible to ensure their organisations comply with these new standards. Many of our churches utilise the program ChildSafe, the costs of which are covered by Churches of Christ Insurance.


Regional Conversations

Mitchell Salmon  |  8/08/2016 10:31:08 AM

Another round of Regional Conversations will take place in September and October. Conversation themes this year will give ample opportunity for participants to wrestle with what it means for churches and agencies to be a Safe Place.


YVQ12 | A Place to Call Home

Mitchell Salmon  |  5/08/2016 11:00:00 AM

I was born in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Melbourne with my family in 1989 as a 6 year old. One of the first conversations I had with my cousin (who had already been living in Australia for a few years) was “Who do you barrack for?” I didn’t understand what ‘barrack’ meant, but this conversation resulted in me deciding that Collingwood was my team (many of you probably think that was the worst decision!).

But as a 6 year old in this foreign place, all I wanted to do was fit in! So if barracking for a footy team was one of the things I had to do, so be it!


Staff Update | Welcome Jo, Farewell Collette

Mitchell Salmon  |  3/08/2016 1:43:59 PM

In recent weeks CCVT has seen changes in two staffing arrangements. We welcome Jo Antoni to a role with the CCVT Communities Team, and farewell Collette De Silva and thank her for her work as part of the Safe Places review currently being conducted.


YVQ12 | Risking It All To Bring Peace

Mitchell Salmon  |  3/08/2016 11:00:00 AM

Last week we shared Mother’s Day at our small local church. I sat next to a brave young woman who has more courage than most people I have ever met. As a warm up exercise we were asked to think of all the phrases our mums used that we now find slipping out of our mouths. We laughed as we shared one liners like, “You’ll thank me one day” and, “In my day…”. I glanced over at her and asked her quietly if she had one, she blushed and half whispered, “Don’t set him off…”