Staff Update | Welcome Jo, Farewell Collette

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

In recent weeks CCVT has seen changes in two staffing arrangements. We welcome Jo Antoni to a role with the CCVT Communities Team, and farewell Collette De Silva and thank her for her work as part of the Safe Places review currently being conducted.

From Michael Vanderree

On behalf of the CCVT Communities Team, I am pleased to announce that Jo Antoni has joined the Communities Team as our CareWorks Project Manager. She will be working two and a half days per week and her role is to serve in collaboration with Catherine and Gabriel Hingley, our Neighbourhood Engagement Catalysts, to oversee, support, and monitor the CareWorks projects that are a part of the ministry expressions of CCVT Churches and Agencies. In the coming weeks you will begin to hear from Jo as she works to continue to express our commitment to provide support and assistance in the effective development of CareWorks projects. This is another way in which we are working together to build and develop Communities of Hope and Compassion. Jo can be contacted at the CCVT Fairfield office on 03 94888800 or You may be aware that Jo has served previously with CCVT for many years as part of the Residential Aged Care team of Vic/Tas and later with Churches of Christ Queensland. We welcome Jo and are pleased that she back as part of the broader CCVT Team.

From Paul Cameron

Collette De Silva has concluded her role as Safe Places Research Officer with CCVT. Her role was for a six month period to conduct research and contribute to the report and recommendations that has now been handed to the CCVT Board for consideration. We would like to thank her for the role she has had in this important conversation in our movement and wish her well for what the future holds.

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