August 2019

Veta Morphus: Empowering Churches to Connect with Students

Mitchell Salmon  |  20/08/2019 11:19:08 AM

These two pictures tell a story.

The first is at the Dover Community Church in April this year, where we had just finished commissioning Emily Wynhoven as the Veta Tassie Coordinator. Her mission is to raise up a generation of young men and women in the Christian life through accredited discipleship experiences.

The second is Emily with a group of students at the first Veta retreat in Tasmania, at the end of a weekend where they have been challenged and encouraged to grow deeply in their faith and to follow Jesus in their daily lives.


Upcoming Stirling Theological College Intensive Units

Mitchell Salmon  |  13/08/2019 9:52:30 AM

Stirling Theological College offers a range of one-off intensives that are suitable for all interested persons, which can be taken on their own or as part of ongoing study.