Safe Places | Wi-fi at Church, Asset or Liability?

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A wi-fi connection in a church or ministry site is primarily for the benefit of conducting ministry; indeed, in modern Australian context it is expected, if not required, in order for leaders to organise and run services and ministries. However, while making it available to all on the property may seem convenient or generous, it may make the ministry vulnerable to internet misuse.

Some churches have wi-fi (wireless internet) available full-time, to anyone with a laptop, mobile, or device. Other churches may have a password which is easy to guess or so widely known that it is redundant. Apart from leading to distraction as people check Facebook instead of listening to the sermon, it could mean the church’s internet is being used to view or share inappropriate content or bullying. Potentially it could be used by people with no connection to your church or program.

If your church has wi-fi internet available to the congregation or visitors, consider ways that you and the leadership team can make your church/organisation safe against from the misuse of that resource.

Please contact the Safe Places Coordinator if you have any questions about these matters at

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