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Monday, 10 December 2018

I recently travelled to Mildura and Hobart, and was inspired by the great presence of our churches in their local communities and by the active and enthusiastic ministries of pastors in growing, multi-generational congregations. In recent months, I have also been privileged to speak at the Richmond Vietnamese, Shekinah, Grace, Wallan Gateway, Berwick, Warragul, Bayswater, Roxburgh Park, Kardinia, Northern, Montrose, Ringwood, Huonville, Doncaster, Williamstown, Discovery, Monash, Mulgrave, Monbulk, and Ormond churches. I look forward to hearing from you about paying a visit to one of your Sunday services in 2019!

Our Communications Officer, Mitch Salmon, has done a great job preparing each of our monthly updates and other publications. With an increased focus on video and social media next year, we have taken the difficult decision to discontinue publication of The Edition in its current form. Articles will, instead, be linked to future versions of this monthly update email. The YVQ journal will continue on an occasional basis, and we look forward to all written resources continuing to inspire leadership growth and ministry support throughout 2019.

May I wish you, and your family and church, a blessed Christmas and a restful New Year’s break as you look forward to an exciting year of fresh possibilities in your service of God.

—Rob Nyhuis

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