Safe Places | Sign In and Sign Out

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Q: Do I really have to sign in and sign out the kids every time?

A: Yes!

Even if the parents and children and ministry leaders know each other well, parents and carers should complete a sign in/out sheet EVERY TIME they drop their child off at creche or Sunday School or other children’s ministry. This clearly shows when the ministry leaders take over duty of care for a child (in loco parentis means "in place of the parent"). By signing them back out, it is clear to all parties exactly when the parent/guardian resumes the duty of care for the child.

There may be some cultural or social issues with people not picking up the kids on time, but clear guidelines and good communication can overcome those issues. 

Another option is putting a wristband on the child when they are in the ministry program’s care, and taking it off when they are back in their parent/guardian’s care.

Download a Sample Sign In/Sign Out Sheet

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