July 2017

Changes to the Administration of ChildSafe from 1 Jan 2018

Mitchell Salmon  |  27/07/2017 4:35:40 PM

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT) aims to support all our Affiliates to be communities of hope and compassion that are safe places for everyone.  


YVQ15 | Ministry As A Family

Mitchell Salmon  |  18/07/2017 2:49:50 PM

Think of ‘family life’ and what immediately springs to mind? It might be seat-of-the-pants chaos, or perhaps order and routine bordering on the monotonous. If your experience of the family journey is anything like ours, ‘family life’ will probably sit somewhere along that spectrum at any given moment of any day or week, except for that precious, fleeting moment early on a Friday evening—the moment of the week when you collectively realise you have survived another one. 


YVQ15 | Breaking Down Walls

Mitchell Salmon  |  18/07/2017 2:45:20 PM

It was November in 2009 and I was sitting a cafĂ© waiting to meet my new boss. At the time, I was the Youth Pastor at Careforce Church (now known as Discovery Church) and while I was on annual leave I was informed of a restructure that had happened in our kids, youth, and young adult ministry. This restructure was to generate greater alignment between all these ministries and to create a seamless discipleship pathway from zero to thirty years old. So in my first week it was arranged for me to meet with Peter Lusk, who had taken on the role of Generations Pastor and talk about how this would be outworked and expressed in the youth ministry. 


YVQ15 | Gathering or Dividing?

Mitchell Salmon  |  18/07/2017 2:30:12 PM

The discourse of generations as a set of competing agendas and separate cultures has grown in credibility, fluency, and popularity. Gen X are renowned as whingers for their cries as the sandwich generation, and point the finger at Boomers for their economic woes; Boomers are accused of being narcissistic; Millennials are accused of being self-obsessed and unreliable, while Gen Y throw up their hands in exasperation at the property hoarding of the previous generations. We’re not sure what to call the next cohort—Founders, Navigators, Regenerators, Bridgers; apparently an MTV survey found 544 names for the post-Millennial generation. While we might not agree on the specific labels and reject some of the most heavy handed stereotyping, the sociological idea of defining people circumstantially and characteristically by their age remains a recognised point of reference in social commentary. 


GMP | To Hear, To Listen, To Know

Mitchell Salmon  |  5/07/2017 3:32:50 PM

The original custodians knew what it meant to listen. Silence was seen as an important practice, because how could you know if you didn't listen? All Gamilaraay learning concepts revolve around the ears. To listen is to learn. An ancient method still understood today is to "listen to country."


GMP | The Dareton Youth and Community Centre

Mitchell Salmon  |  5/07/2017 3:27:06 PM

The Dareton Youth and Community Centre is a positive, culturally safe space where a crew of approximately 20 young Indigenous people hang out after school every day. The community centre is going from strength to strength with the new manager, Ilker Deli, who is supported by Jacqui Pasquale and the team from the Wentworth Joint Parish.


GMP | Celebrating NAIDOC Week: Our Languages Matter

Mitchell Salmon  |  5/07/2017 3:17:54 PM

This year's theme for NAIDOC week is 'Our Languages Matter'. There are many inspiring and challenging things to learn about Indigenous languages in Australia: their diversity—there are over 300 languages indigenous to Australia; the way languages adapt and change; stories of the few surviving speakers of dwindling tongues, guardians of unique perspectives on the world, and revival, with communities working to reconstruct the language of their grandparents.