Good Friday

Friday, 25 March 2016

Sacrifice is a word we rarely hear. Sometimes on Anzac Day; or a faint echo, a memory or wistful imagining, at Easter.

It is said the greatest love is a person laying down their life for a friend. Sacrifice.

Sometimes we are called to lay down (or let go of) other things too, for the benefit of another, for the good of all. Parents know this; and children of ageing parents are learning it too. Sacrifice.

Today, Good Friday, we remember Jesus’ death on the cross, for all people, friends and enemies. Sacrifice.

Today we admit we can act like God’s enemies, as individuals and nations; particularly to others in our neighbourhood or the global community. Today we celebrate that Jesus died for all people; that Jesus paid the price for everybody. Even if we act like God’s enemies, he loves and died for everybody, as if we were his friends.

And in the process, we become his friends again. This could be something to think about on Good Friday.

Paul Cameron

Recorded for 89.9 Light FM

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