Animate Summit | Ordination

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

We were blessed to welcome and commission newly ordained leaders in our movement at the Churches' Summit on Saturday May 6.

There were cheers and 'whoo-hoo's as each ordinand's name was read out and all thirteen of them stepped onto the state at Grace church. The ordination service was well attended, full of enthusiastic members of our movement.

Judging from the celebratory and thankful tone of the servce, it was evident that each ordinand was loved and supported by those who came along.

Congratulations to all 13 ordinands who were ordained on the day (plus one who could not make it to the event, and will be ordained at an appropriate time at his local church) and may you shine as light like the city on a hill!

—Philip Kua, CCVT Leadership Area Team Leader

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