May 2019

Details from CCVT AGM 2019

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:56:47 AM

The 2019 CCVT AGM was held at Kardinia Church, on Friday May 17, 2019. Thank you to everyone who contributed to discussion, and the common life of our movement together.


Single Touch Payroll

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:55:24 AM

From July 1, 2019, all employers in Australia have to start transitioning to meet new requirements of reporting to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). All employers will be required to use Single Touch Payroll (STP) to report tax and super information to the ATO. The ATO has options to make this simpler for those with only 1-4 employees.


Resources for the Employment of Ministers

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:54:13 AM

We are pleased to distribute new resource documents designed to help your Community of Hope and Compassion maintain its commitment to being an excellent employer for people in ministry.


2019 Recommended Minimum Remuneration Package For People In Ministry

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:51:01 AM

The Recommended Minimum Remuneration Package For People In Ministry document has been updated for 2019. This document is set to take effect on July 1, 2019.


Stirling | Clinical Pastoral Education

Mitchell Salmon  |  6/05/2019 2:45:07 PM

Application dates are closing soon! Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) provides training and experience in the practice of pastoral care, usually in hospital or clinical contexts. 


CareWorks Standard Grants

Mitchell Salmon  |  1/05/2019 10:00:00 AM

Applications for the 2019 round of CCVT CareWorks Standard Grants are now open. We would like to invite your Community of Hope and Compassion to make an application for funding for benevolent projects in the local neighbourhood.