Expressions of Interest: Safe Places Coordinator

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT) has recently reshaped the way we serve affiliated churches and mission agencies, and ministers and leaders. This was the result of several years of conversations and a review that became known as the ‘Renewal Challenge’.

CCVT has a Common Mission: To be a movement of the people of God gathering in and around the central figure of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, living out his Way in our neighbourhoods and inviting others to do the same.

Thus, propelled by Christian mission in our neighbourhoods, CCVT is engaging these challenges: We could do better at building Communities of Hope and Compassion (that might look like church as we have known it), and Developing Leaders to lead them (that might look like ministers or pastors we have known).

We have also acknowledged that one way CCVT will know we are addressing these challenges, i.e. doing better at building Communities of Hope and Compassion and developing Leaders to lead them, will be when each of place of ministry and mission affiliated with CCVT is a Safe Place for everyone to grow in their discipleship of Jesus, and in their relationships with one another. We know that these kinds of safe places are as much an expression of the Gospel and the Kingdom, as they are a way to meet the increasing expectations of community and government.

Churches and agencies affiliated with CCVT commit, in a document called Affinity, to “ensuring our ministry and mission activities are safe places for all people”. This will be supported and enhanced by developing a culture of safety throughout the movement, and by implementing an intentional system for promoting safety and managing risk and compliance.

All people, each affiliated church and agency, and every leadership group within CCVT has some role in, and responsibility for, making Churches of Christ places safe.  These roles and responsibilities need to be consistently acknowledged and supported by appropriate policies and processes, as well as training and education, support and resources. To put it another way, CCVT seeks to provide resources and assistance; and Affiliates accept and enact responsibility for safety in their context, including meeting minimum requirements identified by CCVT.

We know that intentional focus and investment is required if significant improvement is to be achieved.  A recent CCVT Safe Places Review and subsequent Report, indicated that there is more to it than just documenting policies and procedures.  While there is no quick fix, there are plenty of opportunities for ongoing incremental improvement by allocating adequate resources to the task.

Thus CCVT has initiated this new Safe Places Coordinator role and we are seeking Expressions of Interest from people interested in the role that will contribute to an important culture change within and beyond CCVT.

Expression of Interest Conversation

You will be a person we would like a conversation with if you: are a follower of Jesus; can demonstrate a resourceful and innovative leadership and/or administration story of your own, as a team-builder and a team-player; can demonstrate skills, passion and experience in policy development and improvement, training and education, supporting and resourcing, listening and discernment.

The CCVT Safe Places Coordinator will:

  • Be part of the CCVT staff team designing and developing a culture of safety in CCVT.
  • Contribute towards CCVT Board policy development particularly in risk management, Safe Places and related areas.
  • Develop and maintain an effective Safe Places training program.
  • Have, or have the capacity to gain, a sound, working knowledge of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Essential Services Maintenance obligations for churches (fire safety), Privacy Act and child protection systems and legislation in Victoria and Tasmania, and all other relevant legislation in those states and federally.
  • Have, or have the capacity to gain, a comprehensive knowledge of the CCVT constitution, the CCVT Safe Places policy, the Properties Corporation of Churches of Christ Act, the Churches of Christ Tasmania Act, and all related policies and procedures.
  • Be able to interpret and explain the CCVT Safe Places policy, including all relevant legislation, to Affiliates, their leaders, employees, members and volunteers.
  • Have a demonstrated ability to develop and deliver ‘best-practice’ training and educational programs for a broad range of participants.
  • Have a willingness to understand the DNA of Churches of Christ, and to intentionally work within the ethos of CCVT, and with the diverse shape, size and culture of CCVT’s Affiliates.

We look forward to hearing from you, if you think this could be you.

To join the conversation about this position please send a brief Expression of Interest by November 7, 2016, to the Executive Officer, CCVT, First Floor, 582 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield VIC 3078 or

Download A Printable Copy Of This Information


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