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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

From GMP's In Partnership newsletter, October 2016.

Safe Water September is a time of reflection for us, and all those involved, about the devastating effects that unsafe water has on communities. It reminds us how privileged we are to have access to safe water.

Poverty isn’t a new concept; it is something that we are very aware of. We know that in the world there are countless people who do not have access to basic human rights such as food, shelter, education and, of course, safe water. The problem in our culture is that we are aware of it as a wider problem, but because it isn’t in front of us daily it sometimes goes by the wayside. Now, that is not a criticism of the people of our country. It is just the reality of the situation. That is why Safe Water September exists, to bring these issues to the forefront of peoples’ thoughts, discussions and support. To raise awareness of the wider issue of poverty, and through stories from our partners, we can put faces and names to the suffering that many endure. It is about sharing the grim yet real statistics that more than three million people die each year due to water and sanitation related diseases, or that more than 440 million school days are missed each year due to the lack of safe water. Even more than that, it is about promoting the idea that fighting these challenges is our collective responsibility.

It is not the role of one or two organisations, or a handful of churches or a few groups of people. It is on all of us to get involved, because when we take action, even the smallest action, lives are changed. Take the statistic that for every $1 invested in water and sanitation between $4-$12 is created for communities. Through Safe Water September a $20 donation will give one person access to life changing safe water. We often feel hopeless in the face of devastating stats, such as 660 million people do not have access to safe water. However there is hope, as a mere 12 months ago, that figure was more than 748 million, a change of almost 100 million people in the space of a year!

So, my encouragement to you is, don’t lose hope in the fight against poverty, hunger, thirst or injustice, because things are changing. If we continue to come together like we are right now with Safe Water September –where more than $50,000 was raised in the first three weeks of the challenge – then things will change a lot faster. Thank you for your support, your generosity and perseverance. So let’s keep it going!  If you would like to support safe water projects in Zimbabwe you can make a donation at

Mitch Varcoe

embody National Campaigns and Resourcing Manager

Woman from Mavinge Village, Zimbabwe. Mavinga Village received a borehole through the funding of Safe Water September. That means this lady, and many others, now have access to safe water!

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