October 2017

Churches of Christ Insurance News

Mitchell Salmon  |  25/10/2017 9:57:52 AM

As you may know, Russell Hoath is stepping down as the Insurance & Risk Management Director on December 31, 2017, but will be returning in the new year to work a couple of days per week heading up our new venture, Faith Insurance.


The Art of Neighbouring

Mitchell Salmon  |  18/10/2017 11:37:23 AM

The Art of Neighbouring is a series of creative workshops about being an adaptive missional presence in your neighbourhood, for leaders of churches and agencies within CCVT.


New Ministry Accreditation and Endorsement Policy

Mitchell Salmon  |  16/10/2017 5:03:47 PM

A new CCVT policy covering Endorsement, and now Accreditation, has now been released and is in effect.


Host a Safe Church Awareness Workshop

Mitchell Salmon  |  5/10/2017 3:25:53 PM

Want to train your church leaders and volunteers at a Safe Church Awareness Workshop but can’t find a date or location that suits your team? Consider hosting a Workshop at your own church!


Youth Vision Ministry Gatherings

Mitchell Salmon  |  2/10/2017 9:51:29 AM

A huge thanks to all those who have submitted dates for the Youth Vision Ministry Gatherings. Based on the availability given, the following dates and locations have been selected. If you cannot make your own region, please feel free to join another gathering. Simply RSVP by email to yv@churchesofchrist.org.au with your name, church, the names of any other leaders you are bringing along, any dietary requirements, and the Gathering you will attend.