September 2017

YVQ | Risky Discipleship

Mitchell Salmon  |  28/09/2017 4:51:41 PM

Amy was having a moment of crisis. “I’m totally not cut out for this! I’m a terrible youth worker, I feel like I haven’t helped this girl at all!”

It’s late at night. Amy is 18, still in Year 12, and we are in the middle of the outback, somewhere between Coober Pedy and the Northern Territory border. Annually, Fusion, the organisation I’m a part of, takes young people through Aboriginal communities, helping suburban kids empathise with and value First Nations people. Amy comes from a middle-class Christian home, and her upbringing has been the kind that includes comfortable wealth, the safety of a loving family, and a supportive church. Many people would call her blessed.


YVQ | Witnesses To An Alternate Story

Mitchell Salmon  |  28/09/2017 4:48:27 PM

I think it’s interesting that, in our modern presentations of the story of Jesus and his message, we often start with recognising the way in which it impacts upon us as individuals who are being eternally and spiritually redeemed, and from there widen outwards to recognise his impact upon society, humanity, and the world. This is in many ways the opposite trajectory to how his first disciples progressively encountered and understood Jesus and his message.