National Church Life Survey (NCLS)

Wednesday, 8 September 2021


NCLS is the longest running longitudinal study on church life is on again in 2021.

Churches from more than 100 denominational regions will take part in the 2021 National Church Life Survey (2021 NCLS), the largest and longest running survey of its type in the world.

The Australia-wide survey will take place in November this year and will provide vital insights into the Australian church; its character, changing face and the role of faith in communities.

“The shape of religion in Australia is constantly evolving and over the decades has changed dramatically. It’s incredibly important that we continue to ask questions to keep pace with these changes for the sake of informed contemporary mission and ministry,” says Dr Ruth Powell, Director at NCLS Research.

The 2021 NCLS is currently open for churches to sign up via with results to be released by March 2022.

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