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Howrah CoC | Senior Minister Position Available

Wednesday, 27 April 2022


Howrah is a long-established but growing suburb (and surrounds) of Hobart, Tasmania, on the Eastern Shore of the Derwent River.  

The Church is part of those known as Churches of Christ in Australia and is affiliated with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT).

The Church was established following the partial destruction of the Tasman Bridge in 1975 (remaining part of the Hobart Church of Christ until 1986).  The first stage of the building was opened in 1979, situated on about 15ha of land.  The church has good facilities.  Part of the land is currently being subdivided to provide funding for future building development.  

Current Ministry

Jim Garlick (supported by his wife Fely) had been the Senior Pastor of an independent Pentecostal at North Hobart for 28 years and lives in Howrah.  Jim believed that he “still had another church in him” and felt led to the Howrah Church of Christ, even though he was past “retirement” age, and has been the Senior Minister since January 2019 but now needs to relinquish the position.  

Prior to Jim’s leadership the church had seen a decline in the number of young families, such that the church’s ministry is largely to seniors.

However, God has been re-building the church. A significant number of people have joined us, mostly Pentecostal seeking quieter but vibrant worship or from “hurting” experiences. Attendance has increased from 33 to 48 and there have been two baptisms during Jim’s ministry.  

The church currently operates the following programmes:  

  • Senior Moments – Wednesday mornings, open to the community for table games, etc;
  • Let’s Do Lunch, individually for men and ladies – fourth Thursday, monthly; and
  • Golf for the Leisurely – Monday mornings.

Other programmes:

  • Kids Hope – a few participate in mentoring at Rokeby Primary School;
  • Half-Dead Group – has raised a lot of money for missions for more than three decades by selling plants and other;
  • Home groups – three; and
  • Prayer – every Thursday at 9.30am; seen as vital for the mission and ministry of the Church.

Ministry Opportunity

The Church is seeking a person to lead the Church in its mission and ministry, to build a rapport with the congregation, in the role of Senior Minister.

The appointee needs to be eligible for accreditation with the CCVT.

S/he will have a strong desire to establish in time ministries to all ages including youth and children and outreach to young families in and beyond our area.  

S/he would be expected to have a strong pastoral heart for people, good preaching ability, and led by the Holy Spirit.

As with all ministry challenges are to be expected. Therefore, it will require someone a deep knowledge of being called by God, a vision and desire to lead a local church, and perhaps not yet had the opportunity.


The church proposes to apply to CCVT for the Church’s allocation of the Seaview money to fund the position.

The appointment would fulltime initially be for three years from the time of availability of the appointee, partly subsidised during that time from a fixed amount of money held in trust by CCVT for the Church.  Remuneration will be in accordance with the CCVT Recommended Ministers Remuneration Packages.  

The Church as an employer adopts the CCVT The Church as Employer Recommended Policy 28/04/2010.  All ministers are required to complete an Accreditation Process Application Form, either for Endorsed Ministers or Non-Endorsed Ministers as appropriate.  


For further discussion contact Geoff Morffew, Howrah Church of Christ, PO Box 2051, Howrah, Tas 7018, 0427 232 174 or

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