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Free Kids Ministry Curriculum Available

Tuesday, 11 August 2020


We have an exciting initiative from Door of Hope church, Launceston that we would like to be able to share with you.

Dorothy Roberts (their Generations Pastor) has developed a curriculum plan for their Kids Ministry and has generously offered to make this available to other churches to remove the hard work of planning/writing lessons and allow you to focus on the things that matter.

Their program is divided into 3 age groups:


Toddler – Kinder


Prep – Grade 2


Grade – 3-5

NB. Grade 6 students serve as buddies in the Explorer Group, Worship & Tech Teams.

Each topic that is covered throughout the year has a: Big Idea; Bible Passage, Shout Out and Key Verse.

In addition, the program includes a video of:


A file of action songs that you can choose from


A fun experience that teaches the main idea


A demonstration of how to make it

Bible Clip

A link

Short Word

7-8 minutes


Churches would be able to choose whether they would like to:

  1. Live stream the content (this would be site neutral as much as possible);
  2. Choose some, or all, of the segments needed. 

One of the drawbacks of many of the curricula that we utilise is that they are US-based content, whereas this is written for the Australian context. As a church, you can decide if you would like to use the video segments made available by ‘Door of Hope’ or use their planning to create your own content and supplement as needed with the files available from ‘Door of Hope’. The plans would include everything that you would need for a 1-hour program and would be fully editable so that you could adjust it to suit your needs. The files would all be available through a One Drive link. 

Their heart is to bless you and to equip churches so that they can disciple kids and families without spending undue time on planning. This gift would be available immediately (free of charge) as they realise the pressures all churches have faced this year and they want to support in any way that they can.

If you are interested in this, please email Anna at for more information. We will also be holding an information session regarding this resource with Dorothy Roberts on Tuesday 18th August at 2pm on Zoom. Please also email me for the link to this session.

Here is a youtube link to one of the sessions:

We are incredibly grateful to Dorothy and the Door of Hope team for this very generous offer and commend the program to you and your staff/volunteers for your consideration.

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