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Northern Community | Community Focussed Office and Accounts Manager

Wednesday, 18 August 2021


5 days / week

Are you looking for a role that has variety, community engagement and where you can use your administrative skills to make a real difference in people’s lives today? Then do we have a role the role for you! With a love for Jesus and passion for helping people live life well, you will harness your inner XERO powers, with attention to detail, creating streamlined processes, engage with a diverse range of people from the community and provide meaningful experiences for those visiting Northern Community Church of Christ, in Preston (Vic). 

Over the last 18 months as an essential service, Northern Community’s passion for the community has provided a safe place for a diverse group of people to experience compassion and care, with 4600 food hampers provided and 300 homes supported. So, if you love Jesus, administration and people, then not only are you a rare and pretty amazing person, but this role could be for you. 

Applications close by 20 September with the opportunity for an immediate start.

Email for a position description or to arrange a time to chat about the role.

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