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Monash City CoC | Ministry Team Leader Position Available

Tuesday, 7 December 2021


Monash City Church of Christ (MCCOC) has begun the search for a new Ministry Team Leader (MTL). This position description is designed to help those open to the Lord’s call to learn about our church and prayerfully consider the wisdom of making further inquiries.

We seek to be a church that fulfils its ministry and missional calling in both a local and global context. Located in the suburb of Glen Waverley in southeast Melbourne, Victoria, we seek to impact our local community through outreach and ministry and play an active part in the Kingdom work of reaching the unreached peoples of the world.


MCCOC was established in 1953 by a pioneering group of believers from Oakleigh Church of Christ who were called to a church plant as population growth spread to the southeastern part of the city. MCCOC has been affiliated with the Churches of Christ Victoria/Tasmania (CCVT) since March 1954. Our geographic location is in the City of Monash, in the suburb of Glen Waverley, approximately 21 km southeast of Melbourne’s central business district. The profile of our local community is predominantly Asian with almost 30% of the community of Chinese ancestry. Many households in the area are made up of children living at home with both parents, with almost 60% identifying as non-Christian (including 14.3% as Catholic ( 

The population of Glen Waverley as of the 2016 census was 40,327. In a medium-density area of Monash, our church buildings are strategically situated in what is now zoned Commercial with the property in close proximity to the very popular Kingsway precinct, the main restaurant and entertainment strip in Glen Waverley and about 200m from the Glen Waverley train station. This positions MCCOC in a vibrant part of Glen Waverley presenting significant outreach opportunities.

A regular gathering of more than 110 worshippers weekly and a steady flow of people during the week into New Horizons Books (NHB) that also includes a library and coffee shop situated at the front of the Church complex sees the building in good use for the full week. The complex is also used by a Chinese congregation.

While the makeup of the congregation has been predominantly Caucasian over the years, there has been an increase in the proportion of members from Asian backgrounds over the last 5 years with more than 50% of the congregation now from Asian backgrounds.

The oversight and leadership of MCCOC and its operations are provided by the Council of Elders. The Council works closely with the MTL and the lay leadership of the church with a high level of involvement of the congregation in Christian ministry. MCCOC is currently supported by an associate minister (part-time), who oversees the ministry to children and young families.


To be Christians becoming more Christ-like, seeking ways of extending His Kingdom.


  • A personal faith connection with God, through Christ by the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
  • Drawing on the authority of God’s Word in every dimension of life.
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, worship and service.
  • Accepting that each individual has a unique life journey.
  • Strengthening relationships with other Christian communities in the City of Monash.
  • Encouraging spiritual maturity in Christ as individuals and as a community.
  • Partnering in local and global mission.


  • The ministry team leader will work collaboratively with the Council of Elders in prayerful development of vision, its implementation and strategic planning of the church’s mission and ministry.
  • The ministry team leader will have primary responsibility for preaching and teaching the Word of God and will work in active partnership with the church Elders, staff, ministry leaders and the congregation in equipping and providing oversight to ministry teams and shepherding the Body.


The ministry team leader directly reports to the Council of Elders and serves in a leadership capacity for the wider congregation.


A. Preaching/Worship

1. Consistently delivers easily understood, Bible-based sermons that are engaging, relevant and challenges those who hear to seek or deepen their relationship with Jesus.

2. Consistently delivers teaching and sermon series that facilitate a clear understanding of the shared spiritual journey with a healthy balance of exegetical and expository teaching.

3. Provide a focus on spiritual growth, discipleship, and Christian community.


1. Has well-developed communication, including strong listening skills and can clearly articulate the vision, mission, and strategies that will spiritually grow the church.

2. Prepares preaching and worship schedules in advance, coordinates and plans with worship leaders and worship ministry team to ensure that worship services are effective regarding content, style, structure and design.

3. Sets aside specific time for study and preparation of the sermon weekly, and makes time for planning retreats to plan upcoming sermon series.

4. Creates regular opportunities for people to respond to the message of Christ through evangelistic/discipleship messages.

5. Provides topical and thought-provoking weekly articles in the form of a welcome message through the ‘Connections’ newsletter.

B. Leadership/Leadership Development & Discipleship

1. Leads the Congregation by example and practices servant leadership.

2. In partnership with the church Elders, Staff, and Ministry Teams, is able to implement the vision and effectively advance the mission of the church.

3. Provides appropriate oversight to staff members that allow them the flexibility to accomplish their responsibilities, focusing on our overall goals.

4. In partnership with the Council of Elders, responds strategically to societal changes without compromising Christian doctrine.

5. Stimulates church health and growth in numbers, giving and service.

6. Plans and provides leadership to intergenerational ministry initiatives including to children, youth, young families and seniors.

7. Is open to the working of God’s Spirit, while able to lead with wisdom and balance.


1. Works with Council of Elders to maintain a compelling vision and acts as the key implementation champion for the church’s mission and ministry.

2. Meets regularly with the Council of Elders to facilitate the work of the church.

3. Holds regularly scheduled Staff meetings and provides direction, support and encouragement to staff members.

4. Actively encourages congregational commitment and volunteerism in support of our mission and vision.

5. Shows respect for and adheres to the decisions of the Council of Elders, demonstrates a high level of professionalism and follows the processes and procedures of the church.

C. Global Mission/Outreach/Community Engagement

1. Champions global mission by inspiring, equipping and motivating the congregation to play a significant role in reaching the unreached peoples of the world.

2. Champions evangelism by inspiring, equipping, and motivating the congregation to share the gospel with all in our community and others within our reach.

3. Through outreach and ministry activities seeks to reach the unchurched in the community using innovative methods.


1. Engages with our mission family to understand their challenges and to mobilise congregational support.

2. Engages and works with other ministries and organizations to serve the community.

3. Spends time in the local community and engages intentionally.

4. Equips and mobilises the congregation in the role of evangelism.

5. Works with the Elders in the development of strategic outreach ministries and initiatives.

6. Works closely with the Missions Promotions Group (MPG) on missional initiatives.

D. Congregation Relations/Pastoral Care

1. Is intentional about and invests time into developing a relational connection to the congregation, and provides ongoing pastoral support and care of the congregation in partnership with the Elders.

2. Prays for, serves, and provides spiritual leadership for the congregation, staff and community.


1. Care for the spiritual and physical life of the congregation through supportive listening, conflict management, referral to other professionals.

2. Carries out hospital visitation and ministry to shut-ins in partnership with Pastoral Care Team and Council of Elders.

3. Conduct baptisms, premarital counselling, weddings, and funerals.

E. Professional Development/Personal Growth

1. Continues to grow spiritually and is a lifelong learner.

2. In a desire to grow, actively seeks honest feedback and constructive criticism on a regular basis from the Elders, congregation and others.


1. Devotes time to spiritual, mental, physical development and well-being through personal disciplines and ensures any outside work (including ministry) commitments are declared and approved by the Council of Elders.

2. Attend courses, workshops, and conferences as appropriate in consultation with the Elders.

3. Attend a small group as a participant and/or lead a small group.

4. Participation in self-evaluation as well as evaluation/feedback on a regular basis (at least quarterly)

F. Administration

1. Develop an annual plan in cooperation with the Council of Elders.

2. Works within the administrative budget and maintains fiscal responsibility with church resources.

3. Meets regularly with the Ministry Support Team to facilitate the upkeeping of the church.

G. Other Duties

1. Other duties as discussed with the Council of Elders.


Interested individuals are invited to apply for this position by submitting the following documents:

  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) that includes details of qualifications, full work history and details of three references (at least one of the references must be from current or most recent ministry appointment).
  • A statement of response to the position description.
  • A copy of passport or driver’s licence with current residential address.
  • Proof of currency of accreditation with CCVT (if not currently accredited, it is expected that the successful candidate will seek to fulfil all CCVT accreditation requirements within the first 6 months of employment). For CCVT accreditation requirements, please refer:
  • All applications should be submitted via email to:
  • Closing date: Jan 7, 2022 or until the position is filled.
  • For confidential enquiries, please email:

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