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Southern Community CoC | Team Leader Position Available

Thursday, 12 May 2022


Southern Community Church of Christ is seeking an inspiring minister to lead our Ministry Team and work with our congregation as we seek to discern what our Church might look like in the future. 

Our Church and Community 

Southern Community Church of Christ (SCCC) is an active community of faith located in Cheltenham, a bayside suburb of Melbourne, Australia. We are a mainstream contemporary Church with a strong desire to relate the teaching of Jesus to our community. We believe we are open and accepting, welcoming and valuing people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds. 

SCCC has a long and rich heritage over more than 160 years. Throughout that time the Church has grown and changed as the community around it has changed. We have started to actively discern the model of church that will best serve the current community demographics and needs. 

Team Leader 

The person we are seeking will work collaboratively with the Board and congregation We are open to renewal, change and revitalisation, to foster our vision for the future. You will inspire and nurture our changing community and help the Church embrace its future directions and aspirations as determined during this journey of discernment and transition. 

To obtain a copy of our Position Description, or for any enquiries, please contact:
Alison Barnett
Board Chair
M: 0412 557 479

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