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Red Cliffs | Pastor (Part-time) Position Available

Tuesday, 14 September 2021


Red Cliffs Church of Christ is actively seeking expressions of interest and applications for the role of part-time Pastor.

The successful candidate will be expected to provide strategic leadership and oversight to the church as we pursue our purpose to see God’s hope transform our communities, one story at a time.


Church Profile

Red Cliffs Church of Christ is an active, rural church located in the Mallee, 530km NW of Melbourne and 16km south of the Rural City of Mildura.

The church began in 1923 following the establishment of Red Cliffs as a post WWI soldier settlement in 1921. The initial members were mostly successful land applicants, who grew sultanas, the dominant local horticultural industry at that time. Over the years our members’ occupations have gradually changed. Today employees, small business owners and retirees have replaced the horticulturalists.

Since 2015 we have regularly evaluated our church health with the aid of Natural Church Development (NCD). This has enabled us to determine both our strengths and weaknesses, thus helping us to focus our energies to best effect. We have also invested in developing leaders through attending such events as the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) and the CCVT Summit.

In 2018 a new Church Governance Framework was developed and adopted by the church.

Our vision for Red Cliffs Church of Christ is: “to see God’s hope transform our communities, one story at a time.”

Our desire is to be a church that is known by, and has an impact on not only our own church family, but also our local community and the communities we interact with beyond, by demonstrating that we value:

  • Participation over performance
  • Contributors over consumers
  • Relevance over ritual
  • Teamwork over titles, and
  • Others over ourselves.

This has been the motivation behind engaging with our local community e.g. having our own stall at the Red Cliffs market, being involved in the Red Cliffs Community carols, and running children’s holiday programs. 

We want people to see that God’s love is very real, active and relevant to their lives in today’s world. We take seriously Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:14–16;

“You are the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your Heavenly Father.” 

Position Description - Pastor

We are actively seeking a pastor who can provide spiritual leadership to the Red Cliffs Church of Christ while confirming our purpose to see God’s hope transform our communities, one story at a time.

The person we are seeking will have a strong desire to share the Gospel while demonstrating compassion for others. They should possess excellent communication, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.


The pastor is accountable to the Leadership Team for fulfilling his/her responsibilities according to the position description and an annual review process. The pastor is expected to maintain CCVT Accreditation and abide by the CCVT Code of Ethics, to work from the church location, and to have an external CCVT approved supervisor.


The role covers the following areas of responsibility, to be fulfilled through a combination of personal action and intentional delegation to others as appropriate:


Guiding our Leadership Team and congregation in the collaborative process of discerning, promoting, and implementing our purpose, and values including:

  • Communicating our purpose, and values to the congregation to inspire collective and collaborative action.
  • Exploring how our congregation can establish and nurture connections in our community, and initiate need-oriented outreach.
  • Reflecting Christianity within the Red Cliffs community. 


Overseeing teaching and training ministries according to our purpose and values, including:

  • Delivering teaching and training that will advance our purpose and values.
  • Establishing a process for introducing people to the foundations of the faith and membership of the church including familiarization with our beliefs, values, mission, and vision.
  • Facilitating spiritual gift discovery and promoting gift-orientated ministry.
  • Supporting team-based outreach, discipling, and caring ministries and developing leaders according to need and opportunity.
  • Participating in ongoing personal development.


Managing the activities of the church, including:

  • Nurturing a sense of community expressed in loving relationships.
  • Working with the worship team and others to provide inspiring worship services.
  • Encouraging church-wide participation in Life Groups.
  • Overseeing appropriate provision of pastoral care and visitation within the congregation according to need, including referral to others where appropriate.
  • Working collaboratively with the Elders to ensure ongoing resourcing and encouragement.
  • Connecting with other local church leadership.


This is a 0.5FTE three-year contract position and will be remunerated according to CCVT recommendations.

Further Information

To find out more about Red Cliffs Church of Christ please refer to our website at


To apply for this position please forward a letter outlining your interest and suitability for this role, your ministry resumé addressing relevant training and experience, and the contact details of three referees to CCVT Communities Team Leader Michael Vanderree via email at

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