Courage | Summit 2018

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

We are excited to invite you to attend CCVT's annual Summit event in 2018, titled COURAGE.

This year at Summit we will be exploring what it means to be communities of Courage as we follow God into new, unknown, and sometimes uncomfortable things. We hope you will step out with us in faith and courage and journey where God leads us.


This year we welcome keynote speakers Mark Conner and Karina Kreminski.

Mark Conner has been involved in church leadership for over three decades. He is a gifted leader, author and speaker who brings a wealth of wisdom and life experience to whatever he engages in.

Mark has a genuine love for people and a passion to help them grow and change. He has a Masters of Arts degree in theology from Ridley College and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Mark is married to Nicole and they have three adult children.

Karina Kreminski is Lecturer in Missional Studies at Morling College, but before that she was the Senior Pastor of Community Life Church Cherrybrook and was ordained in 2002. She ministered there for 13 years. Karina has completed her doctorate in missional studies focusing on the formation of a missional church and missional spirituality. She has also been involved in denominational leadership serving on various councils and the vision committee.

Karina blogs regularly for Missio Alliance and also preaches at churches, conferences and events.

She also enjoys mentoring leaders for ministry. Karina is a missionary and community worker in the inner city of Sydney and is in the early stages of starting a faith community there. Her book called Urban Spirituality: Embodying God's Mission in the Neighbourhood is out now. 

We will also hear from local ministry storytellers about what God is up to in their neighbourhoods.


Thursday & Friday, May 17 & 18
Leaders' Summit

Including: Keynote speakers, electives, social events, and discussion.

Saturday, May 19
Churches' Summit

Including: Celebration and Ordination, worship, and the CCVT Inc Annual General Meeting.


Registration and prices will be available soon.

AGM Documents

The CCVT Inc Annual General Meeting will take place on May 19 as part of the Churches' Summit.

Forms have been mailed out to all Affiliates, including a timeline for the return of key forms as required by the CCVT Inc Constitution. You can download replacement forms below.

Download Nomination for Board Membership

Download Registration of Delegates

Download Notice of Motion

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