How We're Structured

This website is structured to reflect the functional structure of CCVT. Everything we do is filtered through the lens of three Functional Areas, each with their own team of people operating in conjunction with the other Teams to Build Communities of Hope and Compassion and develop Leaders to lead them.

The three Functional Areas are Leadership, Communities, and Operations.

Functional Area Sections

Each Functional Area team has its own section of the website where you will find pages, events, news, and articles tailored to the specific focuses of the Functional Area.

There is also a fourth website section, CCVT, which deals with content that involves either the broader work of CCVT Inc or that which includes all three Functional Areas, and a Home section which deals with content specific to this website.

The Leadership Team exists to support Ministers, elders, and other leaders in local communities. This Team specialises in training and resourcing the people who lead churches and agencies.

The Communities Team exists to support your entire community in its neighbourhood mission. This Team specialises in community and organisational health, neighbourhood engagement and resources, and the planting of new Communities of Hope and Compassion.

The Operations Team exists to support the practical running of your community, including finance, property, and risk management. The Team specialises in providing advice and support in these key organisational areas.

We encourage you to explore the different focuses and emphases of the Functional Area Teams.

How Do I Find...

If all else fails, try searching for the content you are looking for in the search bar at the top right hand side of the screen. All content on this site is arranged by keywords and 'tags'.