Ministry Accreditation and Endorsement

In October 2020 CCVT adopted a new Accreditation and Endorsement of People in Ministry Policy. This policy is an expression of CCVT honouring and respecting leadership by inviting churches to be generous in providing support and effective professional development including supervision for the ministers they appoint. At the same time, it is another way of ‘lifting the bar’ on CCVT’s Safe Places culture of safety. CCVT would like to acknowledge that Accreditation is first step on the journey for Ministers in their vocational calling, while working towards Endorsement.

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure all Ministers in CCVT meet an appropriate level of personal, spiritual and leadership formation and are supported by participation in regular external supervision and professional development.  All Ministers of churches and agencies affiliated with CCVT are strongly encouraged to apply for accreditation as soon as they commence employment. 


The purpose of endorsement is to further acknowledge appropriately equipped and formed people for professional ministry in CCVT. The theological studies and ministry experience required by endorsement gives CCVT and its Affiliates additional confidence in the quality of their Ministers. It is a significant achievement on the part of Ministers themselves, and a pre-requisite for ordination by CCCA. Once a Minister is accredited for a year they can commence the endorsement process.

More information is available below, by contacting the Leadership Team or calling on 03 9488 8800. 


Becoming a Minister

Endorsement Application Form

CCVT Accreditation and Endorsement of People in Ministry Policy

Addendum to the CCVT Accreditation and Endorsement Policy


Code of Ethics for Ministers

Supervision - Better Together

Coaching Manual