Accreditation Training

Accreditation Training

The training components required to complete accreditation are covered below. 

Staying Healthy in Ministry (Part 1):

Half day session. Highlights the practices to stay wholesome and healthy for ministry. Discussions on pitfalls to avoid. Sharing helpful resources.

Staying Healthy in Ministry (Part 2):

Half day session. Familiarise with CCVT’s professional and ethical standards for people in ministry, procedure for complaints and the handling of breaches of the Code of Ethics. Participants will discuss realistic case studies.

Introduction to Churches of Christ Identity:

Full Day. Participants will be introduced to the origins, history of the Churches of Christ as a movement worldwide and in Australia. Learn the distinctives of the movement, doctrinal tenets and key ministry practices. Also be familiarised with the depth and breadth of the movement in Australia today.

Reflective Practices in Ministry (an introduction to spiritual and theological formation):

Full Day: The importance of thinking critically when responding to ministry activities. The ability and skill of reflecting theologically, spiritually and responsibly to the role and purposes of a minister. Developing an attitude of lifelong learning.


Full Day: Be trained and equipped to ensure your Community of Hope and Compassion is a Safe Place for everyone. CCVT recommends that all leaders and volunteers including pastors, elders, deacons, leadership teams, ministry leaders, pastoral carers and those working with children & youth attend a Safe Church Awareness Workshop as a pre-requisite to ministry in the local church. 

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